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Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church


Sainte-Chapelle Studios is a full-service Catholic non-profit sacred architecture firm. Our mission is to preserve, beautify, and build your Catholic parishes and schools of today and tomorrow. Many parish communities are discouraged when exploring how their churches and schools can be beautified or rebuilt. Some believe the building of churches and schools that inspire faith and wonder is a “lost art”. Sainte-Chapelle Studios is committed to drawing from the deep well of the Church’s tradition in order to help communities create spaces worthy of the worship of God and sanctification of man.

Sainte-Chapelle Studios is proposing an innovative alternative. Our passionate team of designers, artists, theologians, and architect craft each project to the specific needs, budget, culture, and spiritual heritage of each Catholic parish, school, and ministry site. The love of God, the beauty of Catholicism, and the story of each community informs every aspect of our work. Like you, we have a deep love of God and His Church, and seek to surround his people with spaces that inspire wonder, love, and hope.



“ I am delighted with the work of Sainte-Chapelle - the communication, and the timeliness, and highly recommend them to anyone considering ways to enhance the beauty and sacredness of worship space."


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